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We are a web design and communications company located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. We specialize in fast-loading, search engine friendly sites that WORK for small businesses. Our services encompass:

We specialize in practical web sites that deliver bottom line results for small businesses - web sites that your visitors will be happy to re-visit to learn more about your business.

Because every project is different, all our projects are quoted individually. However, we have created some examples of typical web sites to give you an idea of the costs involved.

If you are in need of communication services for the web, for documents or for presentations, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Effective Small Business Web Sites

We hope that our name conveys our simple web design philosophy. Web sites that are loaded with flash, beautiful but huge pictures and every javascript trick under the sun may look great but do they really do the job? We are not knocking beauty but a small business has to receive bottom line value for their expenditures on web site design and maintenance.

First of all, your web site needs to be "find-able." Although links in various business directories, yellow pages etc. will certainly help, it is important that search engines can find your site. Words are the search engine's food. Well written copy, delivered in the style that surfers will read is the backbone of your hardworking web site.

Once the words have brought a visitor to your site, your site needs to be well organized so that they can find what they are looking for. And to make their visit a pleasant experience, judicious use of color is required. Your graphics should clearly illustrate your product or service. Depending on your business, your need for graphics may be less than you think.

The right words, good site organization and navigation, pictures that establish your brand and clearly illustrate your products and services and the judicious use of color - these are the beginning ingredients for a successful web site.